A.  Counseling

Members make regular and consistent weekly visits to the male and female prisons at Kajang, Sungei Buloh, and Seremban to meet various groups of prisoners serving sentence or under remand. We do this to demonstrate the love of God for repentant sinners and a way to salvation through the Good News.

We also provide counseling sessions on positive thinking, motivation and encouragement to help prisoners repent and change past lifestyles.

B. Babies, Children & Mothers in Prison
Our members also offer medical and paediatric services for babies born in prison.  One of our volunteers is a qualified paediatrician and she visits the prisons on a fortnightly basis and attends to the medical needs of children. There are an average of 20 babies and children below 3 years in the prison at a time.

At the same time, we provide both pre- and antenatal medical care to mothers and pregnant women in prison.  Check-ups are regularly done and advice given to the mothers on personal hygiene and baby care by a qualified volunteer midwife.

Meanwhile, formula milk, cereals, vitamins, supplements, sanitary napkins, detergents, diapers, baby’s clothes (among others) are seen to, as well.

The cost of supplying such items and services, which is done on a monthly basis, amounts to RM2,500-00.

C.  Juvenile Prisons Academy
To build confidence in juvenile detainees and show we have faith in them, we help provide free academic education for juvenile offenders to prepare them for PMR, SPM and STPM examinations.  22 qualified and experienced volunteer teachers  teach various academic subjects in the Kajang Male and Female Prison from Mondays to Sundays.

The Prison’s Department has identified a total of 72 new students (Juvenile Offenders) who have been registered to sit for PMR, SPM & STPM examinations for the year 2006 and 2007.

A total of 7 large prison cells have been converted to classrooms, and the CPM is in the process of working with the Prisons Department to equip these class rooms with chairs, tables, fans, etc, to render them conducive for education.

The CPM has also volunteered to set up and equip a library within the Prisons system for the benefit of the Juvenile Offenders.


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