Out of Prison – After Care

A. Addiction / Substance Abuse
We work closely with our partner, Halfway Homes, to encourage released prisoners, drug addicts, alcoholics and other substance-abuse addicts to undergo proper 2-year rehabilitation programs.

On another level, we provide moral and material assistance (groceries, vegetables, meats, etc) to Halfway Homes and assist in coordinating rehabilitation programs for the purpose of integrating this target group of people back into society.

B. HIV / Full Blown Aids

The ravages of AIDS may seem passive in general but their incidence is high among prisoners. That’s why we provide help to our network partners involved in the operation of Homes for ex-prisoners and addicts who are HIV-positive or who have full-blown AIDS. This includes organizing fellowship events and outings for ex-prisoners and inmates of the various partner Drug Rehabilitation. Correction Centres.

C. Outreach to Families of Prisoners/ Single Parents
The CPF is also active in providing material assistance to children and families of prisoners and working towards reconciliation of prisoners and addicts with their families.

To be proactive in the prevention of such social ills, we conduct Awareness Programs on the Consequences of Crime, HIV and AIDs to youth in schools and Churches.

In addition, we arrange for special free academic tuition classes for children of prisoners, and drug and substance-abuse addicts, to enable them to become useful citizens of the country.


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