To plan, implement and evaluate socio-pastoral programs for prisoners and ex-prisoners in Malaysia.

To advise, assist, co-ordinate and implement such forms of relief, welfare, social services and development programs for prisoners, ex-prisoners and /or their families that are keeping with Christian understanding of Charity, Development and Justice.

To liaise with the relevant Government Authorities, Foreign Missions  / Embassies, United Nations Organizations and other International Prison Fellowship bodies to coordinate aid, help and advice for the proper implementation of services and programs in Prisons.

To collaborate and work together with other Christians, Christian & Non Christian Organizations, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations involved in similar social welfare services.

To set up additional services to provide for new emerging needs of prisoners, ex-prisoners and /or their families, e.g. Establishing half-way homes for prisoners, counseling for families of prisoners, aid for children of prisoners, aid in the reconciliation of the prisoner with his family, society, himself and with God.

To facilitate the formation of Prison Fellowships at Parish (Church) and Diocesan (Regional) Levels.

To plan, implement and /or participate in social welfare activities to reach out to young offenders in prison to provide academic and motivational education in prisons. To reach out to children of prisoners and substance-abuse addicts outside of prison and to provide assistance for educational needs and other material plus spiritual support.

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